7 Hidden Features of Your PC That Will Help You Study Better

7 Hidden Features of Your PC That Will Help You Study Better
7 Hidden Features of Your PC That Will Help You Study Better

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Study sessions are not always the most exciting thing in the world. Sometimes you have to push through a boring topic or a final research paper. Nonetheless, there is no choice but to just do that and get it off your hands as soon as possible. And luckily, there are plenty of tools in your electronic devices to help you.

You’ve probably known all about apps that help you focus on your studies or correct your grammar. But have you ever thought about your computer features that do the same? Look into these seven hidden features of your PC, and do not underutilize your computer when studying anymore.     

Pin Windows

Although multitasking is not a great idea, having your tabs displayed simultaneously can help make your studies more efficient. For example, you need to browse tons of articles for a research paper. You would have a bunch of windows open all at once. So, it is likely you’ll lose some of it in the process or close the needed tab accidentally.  

To avoid this frustration, use the drag to pin windows feature. All you have to do is grab the chosen window, press Win, and the left or right arrow, and you’ll have the tab showing on the left or right side of your screen, respectively. Thus, you’ll never lose an essay services website or an article on Google Scholar. It all will be organized and easily accessible. 

Notably, you can choose any window to pin. So, you’ll not only lose the tabs in the browser but will also have easy access to folders or documents on your computer. And you won’t waste time reopening the file or struggling to find it again among all of the downloads. 

Clipboard Sync

A less-known but quite useful feature is clipboard sync. After turning it on, you’ll be able to copy any text that you’ve written on your computer to your phone immediately. And the same works the other way around. This one would be useful for backup. As a student, you’d like to keep the most important information more than in one place.

Let’s say you’re taking lecture notes. Having them copied to your phone creates an additional source of information that you’ll always have with you. Or, if you forgot your laptop at home, you can type in the info on your phone, and it will be immediately transferred to your PC. Thus, you’ll save yourself time from retyping your notes into a computer document.


7 Hidden Features of Your PC That Will Help You Study Better

Screen Time

Procrastination is the number one enemy of a successful study session. It is easy to spend time searching for a perfect study playlist instead of actually studying. Most importantly, you do not even realize how much time to spend on small distractions. Thus, to understand the issue, look up your screen time through the computer feature of the same name.

You can look it up on the dashboard “Power and Battery,” where you can also detect what apps take the most battery power and, thus, where you spend your time the most. Therefore, you’re not only detecting your procrastination issue but seeing the efficiency of your laptop. And you’ll definitely need it to run and operate as long as possible for studying.

Focus Session

Another great hidden option to accelerate your studies is Focus Session. It is a built-in feature that synchronizes with your Microsoft to-do list. Thus, you can set timers for all your tasks and begin your focus session. It is also customizable, so you can control notifications and even integrate your Spotify to have your favorite study playlist in the background.

Focus session also has a dashboard that shows you how much time is left and sends you a reminder to take a break. With this dashboard, you can also see your overall statistics and progress. And what is a better encouragement to study than seeing how far you’ve come with your study session? 

Silence Notification

Sometimes it takes one notification from your Messenger to throw you off from your studies. It’s very tempting to jump on the train of new gossip in your group when you see the intriguing message popping up on your screen. To avoid this temptation, simply turn off notifications during your study session.

You can do this on your PC by going to Settings>System and choosing Focus Assist. There you can manage your notifications. You can leave some on by customizing your priority list for notifications. Thus, if you work online with your classmates, you will not miss the important message.   

Voice Typing 

This is an extremely useful hidden feature when you feel a bit too lazy. Voice typing is perfect for doing notes just from sitting on your couch. Thus, you can do a causal study session by opening up an article and literally reading chosen sentences to your computer. To do so, you’d just need to press Windows and H for the open-up voice typing pop-up.

Plus, this feature corrects punctuation by itself, so you’ll always get grammatically correct notes. It is also useful for not losing your spontaneous ideas when brainstorming. So, you would not waste time putting it into sentences but catch them on the spot and edit afterward.   

Windows Backup

Finally, one of the most significant hidden features is Windows Backup. When studying, you’re likely to keep your information and saved files all over the place. It would be easy to lose a chapter to read for homework or slides from your teacher on the early topics in the semester.

Luckily, you can gather all of your information on your PC in a few clicks and send it to OneDrive storage. Thus, you have all your files backed up and safe regardless if you have to log in from your roommate’s computer or if your laptop needs repairing. You’ll always know that all of your files are safely stored.  

Wrapping Up

And here you have it. Try pin windows to stay organized and not lose a single important tab. Test clipboard sync to type your notes on your devices simultaneously. Look into screen time, focus sessions, and silence notifications to boost your productivity. Try out voice typing for note-taking. And do not forget to keep your info safe with Windows Backup.