A New Way To Produce PCBs With Your 3D Printer

With the reduced-cost PCB fabrication companies available to hackers and makers these days, we’ll admit that building your personal boards at household doesn’t maintain fairly the enchantment that it did in the earlier. But even if acquiring your boards skillfully built is cheaper and a lot easier than it at any time has been right before, at-property generation even now just cannot be conquer when you completely have to have a usable board prior to the stop of the day.

If you find on your own in this sort of a condition, this new strategy of Do it yourself PCB creation thorough by [Adalbert] may well be just what you will need. This exceptional approach uses a desktop fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printer all over all of its phases, from generating a stencil centered on the exported board style, to warming the UV soldermask to speed up the curing process. It could not be an perfect preference for densely packed boards with high-quality-pitch components, but could certainly see it being practical for lots of prototypes.

Tiny “bridges” have to have to be manually additional to keep the stencil with each other.

[Adalbert] has completed an great work of documenting the system via a step-by-move information posted on Hackaday.io, and has also place with each other a video you can see soon after the crack.

But if you’re searching for the shorter version, the method will involve having a 2D DXF from your PCB layout program, converting it into three dimensions, and printing it out. This is then placed more than a copper clad board that has been coated with soldermask, and a UV gentle resource is made use of to expose it. Afterwards, isopropyl alcohol can be applied to wash away the unexposed mask, leaving at the rear of your PCB layout.

You’ll nonetheless will need to chemically etch the board, and if you’re working with by-hole factors, manually drill your holes. But in comparison to some of the old university solutions of creating your personal boards, it is rather clear-cut. This method appears to be like it could also maintain promise for compact scale manufacturing, as the stencil can be reused indefinitely.

If your 3D printer is of the resin assortment, don’t stress, you can make PCBs with these as nicely. We’ve also viewed outstanding boards produced with inexpensive laser engravers, as nicely as funds CNC routers.