A Pokemon Silver Cartridge Made Of Pure Silver

A Pokemon Silver Cartridge Made Of Pure Silver

The significant problem with Pokemon Silver is that it came in a cartridge designed of only-marginally-sparkly grey plastic. [Modified] resolved to repair all that, making an all-silver cartridge in its place.

The cartridge was very first modeled to match the primary as closely as probable, and 3D printed for a healthy check. From there, a check cartridge was machined out of a block of aluminium to confirm anything was appropriate. It is a sensible step, supplied the make depends on a 1-kilogram bar of silver worthy of approximately $750.

With everything checked and double-checked, machining the silver could go ahead. Every scrap of silver that could be saved from the CNC machining was captured in a box so that it could be recycled. About 28 grams of silver was misplaced through the course of action. WD40 was used as a coolant all through the machining approach, as without it, the silver didn’t equipment cleanly. The remaining cart weighed 164 grams.

It is not a particularly really hard undertaking for an seasoned CNC operator, but it is an expensive 1. Main expenses are the price tag of the silver bar and the Pokemon cart by itself, which can be had for all-around $50 on the typical auction web-sites.

Nonetheless, the “heft and shine” of the finished solution is unarguably glorious. Consider handing that in excess of to a mate to plug into their Recreation Boy! Just never forget to request for it again. If you are abundant adequate to do the exact detail with Pokemon Gold or Platinum, don’t wait to fall us a line. 

We love a good casemod, and this 1 reminds us of a fantastic crystal PlayStation 2 from decades previous.