A Simple Air Suspension Demo With Lego Technic

A Simple Air Suspension Demo With Lego Technic

The most frequent suspension programs on vehicles count on straightforward metallic springs. Leaf spring and coil spring patterns both have their professionals and cons, but essentially it is all about flexing steel accomplishing the perform. Air suspension functions entirely differently, utilizing gas as a spring, as demonstrated by this basic Lego make from [JBRIX]. 

The suspension program is utilized on a Lego Technic vehicle, with a relatively unsophisticated style. The motor vehicle has no serious form of propusion, and serves solely to display the air suspension style and design. They might glimpse like dampers, but the technique is in fact utilizing Lego pneumatic pistons as springs for each and every wheel. The pistons are linked to the upper regulate arm of a double wishbone suspension setup. Every piston is pneumatically related to a major reservoir. With the reservoir, and so the pistons, pressurized, the suspension program can assist the fat of the car. If a bump perturbs a wheel, the piston compresses the air in the system, which then returns the piston to its original position, consequently serving as a spring. If the reservoir is vented, the suspension collapses. Air springs on actual, entire-sized vehicles do the job in essentially the same way. Having said that, they normally have a individual reservoir per corner, maintaining every wheel’s suspension independent.

Total, if you’re working on some type of Lego rambler, you may possibly uncover this suspension notion valuable. Alternatively, you could only obtain it very good as a finding out aid. If you want to study extra about oddball suspension programs, we can aid there also. Video clip right after the crack.