A Simple Streaming Radio Receiver

For those interested in a job in broadcast radio there aren’t numerous routes into the organization. Pupil radio, pirate radio, and hospital radio generally function somewhere near the start out of any DJ’s resumé. Medical center radio stations usually don’t have a transmission license and have historically relied on wired methods, but since people just can’t get to everywhere you go they are now much more likely to seem to the Online. [AllanGallop] has developed the Mini Web Radio for the healthcare facility station in the British town of Milton Keynes, a compact battery-run single station streaming radio receiver that can select up all those tunes everywhere with a wi-fi network link.

Within the neatly intended 3D printed box the hardware is pretty easy, a WeMos ESP32 board and a MAX98357A I2S digital amplifier module all run by an 18650 cell. There’s a volume command and headphone socket, which is all that is wanted for the user interface. The application has code for both of those Arduino and Platform.io and is configured as you may hope by way of a world wide web interface. Almost everything can be identified in a useful GitHub repository really should you want to develop just one by yourself. In the meantime, it is especially satisfying as a Hackaday scribe to function a undertaking with roots in one’s individual hackerspace, in this scenario, Milton Keynes Makerspace.

Many thanks [Cid] for the tip!