Adding A Battery To Extend Speaker Life

Possibly the weakest stage in fashionable electronics when it comes to user servicability is the lifecycle of the batteries provided from the company. With out simply replaceable batteries, a lot of customer goods conclusion up in the landfill when they’re usually doing work flawlessly. If you’d like to get a lot more out of your devices than the company intends, you may well have to go to great lengths like [Théo] did with his JBL speaker.

This was a Bluetooth machine developed by JBL virtually a 10 years back, and though the primary gadget boasted various hrs of battery existence, following so a lot of yrs of provider, it was fortunate to get a 50 % hour ahead of the battery died. To switch it, [Théo] eradicated the original battery and prolonged the case to be capable to maintain a greater cell phone battery. He also resolved to use the primary battery administration circuit from the speaker with the new battery following verifying the voltage and chemistry had been shut plenty of to the unique.

Due to the fact the cell phone battery is a proprietary Samsung machine, [Théo] also made a decision to establish a version that makes use of common 18650 cells in its place, although he prefers the slimmer layout with the phone battery for his use circumstance.  Simple as this establish may well be, it does go a long way to exhibit the basic principle that if you just can’t take care of your products, you never seriously very own them.