Arc Overhangs Make “Impossible” 3D Prints

Arc Overhangs Make “Impossible” 3D Prints

An accidental discovery by [3DQue] permits overhangs on FDM printers that seem unachievable at initial glance. The essential is to build the overhang space with concentric arcs. It also will help to print at a great temperature with plenty of fan and a sluggish print speed. In addition to the movie from [3DQue], there’s also a online video from [CNC Kitchen] beneath that addresses the technique.

If you want a rapid overview, you may want to start off with the [CNC Kitchen] movie 1st. The simple idea is that you develop surfaces “in the air” by producing smaller arcs that overlap and get further and even more away from the main human body of the aspect. Simply because the arcs overlap, they guidance the future arc. The results are amazing. There’s a third movie under that shows some new updates to the tool.

We’ve observed a equivalent method handcrafted with, but this is a Python script that semi-mechanically generates the necessary arcs that overlap. We admit the area looks a little odd but dependent on why you want to print overhangs, this could possibly be just the ticket. There can also be a little bit of warping if options are on prime of the overhang.

You don’t need any specific components other than excellent cooling. Like [CNC Kitchen], we hope this will get picked up by mainstream slicers. It likely will never ever be a default placing, but it would be a wonderful solution for parts that can benefit from the strategy. Given that the code is on GitHub, it’s possible men and women common with the mainstream slicers will jump in and support make the algorithm additional broadly readily available and automatic.

What will you construct with this tool? If you never like arcs, verify out conical slicing or non-planar slicing in its place. at?v=fjGeBYOPmHA