Brass Hardware Makes For Pretty Potentiometer Knobs

Brass Hardware Makes For Pretty Potentiometer Knobs

Knobs and switches can make or break the aesthetic and tactile enchantment of a project. High-quality hello-fi components goes difficult on these specifics, while inexpensive knock-off guitar pedals frequently go the other way. If you are hunting for a one of a kind, low cost, and compelling solution for potentiometer knobs, you could like to consider using transformed brass hardware for the position.

Beautiful, no?

The idea comes from [Kevin Jordan], who understood that some straightforward 3D printed components would enable him to repurpose brass components for use with popular break up-shaft potentiometers. He grabbed a bunch of brass flare caps meant for use with gasoline piping, and got to perform.

The outcome is the simple 3D printed cap converter. It has a threaded outer part, which screws neatly inside a brass flare cap. Within, it functions a gap to mate to the potentiometer shaft. When this could be completed with a spline, it also works with a very simple gap due to the fact the plastic is gentle ample to basically thrust the potentiometer shaft into.

The flare caps glimpse terrific when pressed into assistance as knobs. [Kevin] uses them on a tennis racket guitar he designed, and the brass knobs wonderfully set off towards the purely natural wood finishes of the create. If you are searching for some distinctive adornments for your personal initiatives, you could possibly like to experiment with this concept your self! Alternatively, you can try out generating your have knobs from scratch. at?v=6gZLbCv4dSQ