Building A NAS That Really Looks Like A NAS

Building A NAS That Really Looks Like A NAS

Creating your possess community attached storage (NAS) for individual use isn’t all that complicated. A one board computer, a tough disk and a electric power offer in an enclosure is all the components you need. Then, pick from just one of many open source NAS computer software solutions and you are up and operating. [tobychui] determined to notch issues up by coming up with a NAS that truly appears to be like like a NAS. It is tailor-made to his specific demands and appears like a qualified solution to boot. The layout functions twin 3.5 inch HDD bays, a compact footprint, is minimal value, suitable with a wide variety of one board desktops, and can manage large facts transfer speeds by employing RAM and SD card for buffering.

Not only has he finished a wonderful occupation with the components design and style, but he’s also produced a companion software program for the NAS. “ArozOS” is a net desktop working program that presents full-fledged desktop experience inside of a browser. ArozOS has a excellent consumer interface and options a lot of networking, file, disk administration and stability capabilities. He has also made a launcher application to allow in excess of-the-air (OTA) computer software updates.

Assembling the system will need to have some arranging and preparation, even although most of the components is off the shelf. You will will need a SATA to USB 2. adapter, a SBC (Orange Pi Zero, Raspberry Pi 4, Orange Pi Zero 2, and so on) , 3 buck converters — a person every to supply 12 V to the two challenging disks and a 3rd to supply 5 V to the SBC. You are going to also need a 12 V / 6 A or 24 V / 3 A exterior energy brick, or a USB-C 65 W GaN charger with a triggering module to set the ideal voltage and recent.

There is also one tailor made electrical power distribution board which is primarily a carrier board to mount the buck converters and connectors for electrical power and USB info. For the 3D prints, [tobychui] endorses printing at the maximum resolution for a pleasant end.

The off the shelf SATA to USB adapter will want to be taken apart just before it can be mounted to the 3D printed SATA adapter plate and might pose the most obstacle in the course of development, but the rest of the assembly is pretty uncomplicated. As soon as assembly is entire, [tobychui] walks you through installation of the ArozOZ application, mounting the drives and generating them available more than the network.

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