Casting Custom Resin Buttons For The Steam Deck

Casting Custom Resin Buttons For The Steam Deck

If you play video games on numerous consoles, you’re possibly common with the occasional bout of uncertainty that arrives with just about every system’s one of a kind button arrangement. They are all a lot more or significantly less in the same bodily place, but every single program phone calls them a thing distinctive. Dependent on who’s controller you are holding, the exact same button could be X, A, or B. We will not even get begun on shades.

Overhearing her husband or wife would like the buttons on his Steam Deck matched the shade scheme of the Xbox, [Gina Häußge] (of OctoPrint fame) made a decision to secretly produce a set of bespoke buttons for the portable system. There was only just one problem…she experienced no expertise with the silicone molding system or epoxy resins which would be demanded for these kinds of an operation.

Toothpicks were applied to make channels in the mould.

Luckily for us we have the Web, and just after exploring similar initiatives that targeted on other consoles, [Gina] felt assured ample to just take apart Steam’s handheld and extract the original plastic buttons. These went into a intelligent 3D printed mildew box, which was little enough to place into a food vacuum container for degassing purposes. The shape of the buttons necessitated a two-piece mold, into which [Gina] embedded two channels: 1 to inject the resin, and another that would permit air escape.

The red, environmentally friendly, blue, and yellow resins were then loaded into 4 independent syringes and pressured into the mildew. It’s critically important to get the orientation appropriate listed here, as each and every button has a a little distinct condition. It sounds like [Gina] may possibly have blended up which color every single button was intended to be for the duration of an earlier try, so for the last run she made a tiny diagram to maintain track. Immediately after 24 several hours she was ready to peel the mold apart and get a glimpse at the properly-shaped buttons, but it took 72 hours right before they were being really treated enough to shift on to the future stage.

[Gina] used the legends with a sheet of rub-on lettering, which we consider must have been very tough to get lined up beautifully. Due to the fact the letters would get worn off immediately after a number of intensive gaming sessions with no safety, she last but not least sealed the surface of just about every button by brushing on a slender layer of UV resin and curing it with a flashlight of the correct wavelength.

There are a good amount of ways included, and a reasonable little bit of up-front price tag to get all the components jointly, but there’s no denying the ultimate consequence seems phenomenal. Particularly for a first try. We wouldn’t be amazed if the up coming time someone needs to head down this particular route, it’s [Gina]’s submit that guides them on their way.