Condemned Precision Capacitors Find New Home, Refuse To Become Refuse

Ah, the age outdated tradition of Dumpster diving! In some cases we materialize to location a little something which is not really trash, but not quite best, both. And when [dzseki], an forum user, spotted some large-precision capacitors currently being 86’d at their employer’s e-squander pile, [dzseki] did what any superior hacker would do: took them home, analyzed them, and tore them down to fully grasp and possibly mend or reuse them. They clarify their escapades and teardown in this discussion board post.

Significant-precision capacitors with RF connectors.

If you’re not familiar with capacitors, they are actually just two or much more plates of steel that are separated by an insulator, and in the circumstance of these pretty huge capacitors, that insulator is mostly air. Aluminum plates are hooked up with conventional bolts, and plastic insulators are made use of as wanted. There’s also dialogue of an distinctive alloy named Invar that lends to the thermal balance of the capacitors.

[dzseki] notes that these capacitors had been on their way to the round file because they ended up out of spec, but only by a quite, really modest amount. They could not be usable for the precision gadgets they were being initially in, but it’s crystal clear that they are however quite practical if not. [dzseki]

Of system, Dumpster diving for cool pieces is practically nothing new, and we’ve coated nifty projects these kinds of as this frankenmonitor bashed together from two bin finds.

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