Custom Lathe Tool Cuts Complex Oil Grooves

Custom Lathe Tool Cuts Complex Oil Grooves

Oil grooves are utilized to lubricate the within of a bearing, and can appear in several types — from a single hole that normally takes a few drops of oil, to helical styles that distribute it more than the whole inside surface. The suitable arrangement is a looping figure eight pattern very similar to an oscilloscope Lissajous determine, but reducing these is a nightmare. That is, unless of course you’ve obtained the suitable tool.

We determine [Machine Mechanic] have to require to lower a great deal of them, as they invested pretty a bit of time perfecting this personalized lathe attachment to automate the procedure. By way of an assortment of clever linkages and a rod-turned-crank that was welded collectively in-situ, the system converts the rotational movement of the lathe into a reciprocating action that moves the reducing tool in and out of the bearing. Incidentally the business finish of this gadget commenced daily life out as a bolt, just before it was turned down and experienced a piece of device metal brazed on to the finish.

With a tiny adjustment, it looks like this product could also be made use of to carve attractive patterns on the outdoors of the workpiece. But even if this is the only trick it can pull off, we’re nonetheless amazed. This is a clever hack for a extremely specialized machine store operation that most would think you’d will need a 4-axis CNC to pull off.

Lathes look at very first like rather single intent machines, we’re generally happy to find out peculiar and wonderful matters currently being performed with them, like this seemingly difficult-to-flip piece, and this combo wire EDM and lathe.

Thanks to [Zane] for the suggestion.