Cut Just About Anything With This Combination Lathe And Wire EDM

They say that if you have a lathe, you have just about every other machine tool too. To some degree, which is real — you can make practically anything at all on a lathe, including a further lathe, and even areas greatest made on other equipment equipment can ordinarily be built on a lathe in a pinch. But following viewing this lathe attachment for a Do it yourself electrical discharge machining software, we could be inclined to see the EDM as the just one equipment resource to rule them all.

Now, we’ll confess that the career [BAXEDM] developed this software for may possibly be a small contrived. He preferred to make some personalized hex inserts for his Swiss Military knife, which appear to be like they’d have been really simple to make from hex bar stock in a conventional lathe. Then yet again, hardened metal is the type of material that wire EDM was manufactured for, and there seem to be quite a few use scenarios for an attachment that can spin a workpiece versus an EDM slicing wire.

That was definitely the trick of this construct — spinning a element underwater. To accomplish this, [BAXEDM] constructed a platform to carry a bearing block that supports a typical ER-25 collet, with a bracket that holds a stepper crystal clear of the h2o in the EDM cutting tank. There are plenty of 3D printed insulators as well, to maintain most of the attachment electrically isolated from the EDM latest, moreover unique components like ceramic bearings that won’t corrode under drinking water. There were being a ton of other issues, as well [BAXEDM] goes by way of the prolonged iterative layout course of action in the video clip below, as very well as using his new resource for a literal spin starting at about the 27:00 mark.

If you’re intrigued by what EDM can complete — and who would not be? — but you need much more track record on the process, we have bought you included.