E-paper Price Tags Combined To Create A Large Wireless Display

E-paper price tags have come to be preferred for retail merchants above the past few a long time, which is fantastic for hackers due to the fact we now have some more low-cost commodity components to engage in with. [Aaron Christophel] went all on developing grid displays with E-paper cost tags, up to a 20×15 grid.

E-paper price tags are good for these kinds of jobs, since they are wi-fi, light-weight, and can past a lengthy time with the onboard batteries. To mount the particular person tags on the plywood backboard,[Aaron] simply glued Velcro to the backboard of the tags. The displays’ firmware is based on the reverse engineering operate of [Dmitry Grinberg], flashed to a couple of hundred tags using a handy 3D printed pogo pin programming jig. All the shows are managed by way of a Zigbee USB dongle plugged into a Pc working station application.

[Aaron] is also experimenting with the displays taken off from their enclosure and popped into a 3D printed grid body. The disadvantage is the loss of the battery holders and the antenna, which are each built-in into the enclosure. He designs to get all-around this by powering the displays from a solitary big battery, and connecting an ESP32 to the displays by using ISP or UART.

This project comes warm on the heels of a further E-ink grid show undertaking that employs Bluetooth and a fairly intelligent update scheme.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=CLmotCeMlq0