Game Boy Repurposed Solely As A Camera

As a lot as we all adore the Sport Boy Digicam, it is definitely just an incorporate-on to the preferred handheld console. Twitter user [@thegameboycam] made a decision to create a committed digicam system making use of the components, and the consequence was the Activity Boy DSLR.

Digital camera pedants will notice that it is not really a DSLR, but that is not seriously the level. It’s a Match Boy with the digital camera accessory constructed into a proper camera-like housing. There’s a CS/C mount for the lens, and it’s received a customized shell with leatherette, just like the cameras of very last century. It is also got a cold shoe, and a 1/4″ screw thread for tripod mounting. Oh, and strap lugs! So you can really rock that previous-faculty aesthetic with your tweed match on.

Far more realistic present day functions consist of a 1800 mAh battery that charges in excess of USB Variety C and a backlit IPS display. The screen has been turned through 90 levels, and the cartridge port and buttons are relocated to make a more regular camera-like form element. If you actually want, while, you can nevertheless enjoy it like a common Recreation Boy. Just swap out the modified camera cart with the lens mount for a regular Activity Boy Camera or a further activity cartridge.

It’s a enjoyment hack that scores huge on type factors. No extended can you be the cool child just by rocking a Activity Boy with a massive ol’ lens hanging off the again. Now you gotta contend with this!

Our tipsline is waiting for when you’ve got the following major detail in Recreation Boy Camera hacks. Video soon after the split.