How Much Did it Cost to Make Your Pixel Watch?

How Much Did it Cost to Make Your Pixel Watch?

We don’t ordinarily feel about approximated manufacturing charges for equipment these days, but an analysis from Counterpoint was produced this week that estimates the price to make a Pixel Look at (LTE) is around $123. Which is neat to imagine about, right?

In a handy breakdown for this price, you recognize how a lot of parts are needed to make a view like this tick. The screen, scenario, mobile connectivity, sensors, battery, processor and memory, furthermore even the check out bands. It all adds up, as they say. The graph below breaks down the percentage of the total value for every single unit. As you can see, processing and memory expenses take up the premier part at 26.9%. If the $123 per device is exact, which is $33 getting invested on processing and memory on your own.

If we want, we could constantly just take it a move additional and comprehend that the actual output and transport of each individual unit has its individual price, way too. As far we know, Counterpoint’s examination doesn’t account for all those factors, so Google’s genuine price tag to manufacture and distribute the check out could be a bit larger. For Google’s sake, we hope it is not way too much higher, though.

Pixel Look at retails at $349 for the WiFi product, so when all is explained and performed, it is assumed that Google is earning a tidy minor revenue. To operate a prosperous business enterprise, that seems critical.

Extremely neat.

// Counterpoint