How to Enter the BIOS on Your Windows 11 PC

BIOS screen on a Lenovo workstation

Accessing the BIOS on your Windows 11 Pc can assist you address a assortment of problems or let you to modify reduced-stage options. There are a number of approaches you can enter BIOS, and we’ll display you how to use all of them.

Take note: On most present day computer systems, you in fact have UEFI as a substitute of BIOS. It is state-of-the-art minimal-degree software program that gives a lot more characteristics than traditional BIOS. Having said that, lots of persons however refer to it as BIOS, so that’s the expression we’re using listed here.

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Enter Home windows 11’s BIOS by Urgent a Essential

An simple way to enter BIOS on your Windows 11 Computer is to use a critical on your keyboard whilst powering on the laptop or computer. The gain of this approach is that you can use this even when your Windows OS does not load.

To use this strategy, you will have to obtain the important that allows you enter BIOS on your particular laptop or computer. This essential varies by company. When you start off up your pc, on the first splash display screen that opens (usually displaying the manufacturer’s symbol), you really should see a information telling you which key you need to have to press to enter BIOS.

On most personal computers, this vital is F2, but you really should check on your computer’s splash monitor to verify.

Enter the BIOS on Home windows 11 From Settings

If you can’t obtain the keyboard vital to enter BIOS, or you prefer working with graphical possibilities, use Windows 11’s Configurations application to enter BIOS.

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To do so, 1st, start the Options app on your Laptop. Do this by pressing Home windows+i keys at the identical time.

In Configurations, from the still left sidebar, pick “System.”

On the “System” page, simply click “Recovery.”

In the “Recovery” menu, subsequent to “Advanced Startup,” simply click “Restart Now.”

You will see a “We’ll Restart Your System So Help save Your Work” prompt. In this prompt, click “Restart Now” to restart your Laptop.

Warning: Make absolutely sure you help save any unsaved do the job ahead of restarting your Laptop.

Select "Restart Now" in the "We'll Restart Your Device So Save Your Work" prompt.

You will now see a “Choose an Option” screen. From in this article, head into Troubleshoot > Innovative Options > UEFI Firmware Configurations and click on “Restart.”

And you will be in your PC’s BIOS method. In this method, you can configure a variety of options, like shifting your startup disk.

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Enter Home windows 11’s BIOS Making use of Home windows Terminal

To use a command to boot your Computer system in BIOS, use either PowerShell or Command Prompt utility on your Computer.

To start with, open the “Start” menu and look for for “Windows Terminal”. Click the app in the research outcomes.

Select "Windows Terminal" in the "Start" menu.

In Windows Terminal, style the adhering to command and push Enter. This command operates in both of those PowerShell and Command Prompt shells, so you can use either.

shutdown /r /o /f /t 00

Boot in BIOS mode with a command in Windows Terminal.

On the “Choose an Option” display screen that opens, navigate to Troubleshoot > Sophisticated Solutions > UEFI Firmware Settings, and click on “Restart.” Your Pc will then enter BIOS.

You’re all established.

Did you know you can test and even update your BIOS model?

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