Leaked Intel Roadmap Points to Raptor Lake Refresh, HEDT Chips in 2023

Leaked Intel Roadmap Points to Raptor Lake Refresh, HEDT Chips in 2023
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When Intel introduced its Alder Lake “hybrid” platform on the all-new LGA 1700 socket in 2021, it promised two generations of CPUs would be supported. But in accordance to a new leak of Intel’s roadmap, Intel might be squeezing in a 3rd generation as very well. The leaked slides seem fairly legit they take note a new system named Raptor Lake-S Refresh is because of in Q3 2023. The slides also place to a return to the Substantial-Finish Desktop (HEDT) current market for Intel, which most assumed it abandoned for good lots of many years in the past. The architecture falls under “Entry Workstation” utilizing Raptor Lake CPUs.

The leaked slides appear from pointed out tipster @9550Professional on Twitter via Videocardz. Even though they seem authentic, these points can generally be faked, so acquire it with a grain of salt. This is the to start with time we’ve listened to of a Raptor Lake refresh. It was at first meant to substitute Alder Lake, and then Intel would start Meteor Lake. The 14th-technology platform has now been delayed several times, though, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if it was delayed when yet again.

In actuality, Raptor Lake only exists in the to start with place thanks to Meteor Lake becoming delayed, in accordance to Intel. As significantly as the refresh goes, it’s unclear what it will entail. Intel notably extra much more performance cores to Raptor Lake, alongside with a tuned efficiency main and far more cache. In general, however, it’s just a lot more Alder Lake. That has labored out pretty properly for Intel, as it’s been in a position to obstacle AMD’s Zen 4 without necessitating an overhaul of its architecture.

Intel’s updated CPU roadmap for 2023. Click on to develop. (Picture: @9550pro)

It’s unclear if the Raptor Lake-S Refresh will quickly come to be the 14th-generation system, or if that is continue to Meteor Lake. Intel has completed that in advance of, most notably with its 8th and 9th Gen Espresso Lake platforms. The slide notes it will use the Intel Z790 chipset, at the very least for the 125W K SKUs, which is the exact same as the current platform. It does appear to be a major-to-base alternative, as it also mentions non-K purchaser SKUs and commercial chips.

Intel’s current chipset roadmap for 2023. Click to broaden. (Picture: @9550professional)

Just as noteworthy as the desktop chips are the “Entry Workstation” chips for HEDT. Intel appeared to abandon its HEDT lineup in 2020 or so, with its Core X 10000 lineup staying its last. AMD inevitably finished up undertaking some thing comparable with its Threadripper lineup. It had seemed that desktop chips had become so rapid, with so a lot of cores, these specialty CPUs had been no more time needed for the average gamer. Nevertheless, AMD is predicted to reintroduce Threadripper once again with its Zen 4 architecture. Hence, it’s acceptable to think Intel desires to have a competitor for it ready to go.

Intel lists the W680 chipset as remaining suitable with the Raptor Lake-S Refresh workstation system. This is the very same chipset that was made use of for Alder Lake workstations as very well. It’s very related to Z690, but it provides support for overclocking and ECC memory.

Intel’s more mature roadmap demonstrates no indicator of any Raptor Lake refresh. (Impression: Intel)

Intel also lists a new “mainstream workstation” group with 250W CPUs. Just one of people is named Sapphire Rapids-64L, which looks to be a slash-down model of its Sapphire Rapids info centre platform. The 64L may well refer to the number of PCIe Gen 5 lanes in its place of CPU cores, as the full platform gives 112 lanes. It’s also unclear if it’ll be branded Core X like preceding HEDT chips, or something else. According to TechSpot, it’ll most likely have fewer DDR5 memory channels but nonetheless a lot more than Raptor Lake-S Refresh provides.

Possibly way, this could be thrilling news for people with an Alder Lake CPU who could be ready to stuff a “refresh” CPU into their socket in late 2023. The platform was noticed as DOA at launch by some, as it would only help two generations of chips. Which is in the context of AMD presenting various generations of chips for its earlier AM4 system, which lasted 5 a long time.

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