Love Is A Burning Flame, And So Is This Underwater Burning Ring Of Fire

When Johnny Dollars wrote “Ring of Fire”, he was talking about appreciate. But when an unnamed follower of [TheBackyardScientist] took it actually and recommended producing actual rings of fire — underwater —  they rose to the problem as you can see in the video underneath the split.

Of program there are quite a few elements to underwater fireplace rings. First you need h2o, and a pool clearly does the work in this video. Next, you need flammable rings of fuel. [TheBackyardScientist] made a decision to establish a machine to create the gas rings, and it’s rather fascinating to see them go as a result of many iterations ahead of settling on a voice coil based mostly poppet valve structure. We ought to say that it operates absolutely swimmingly.

Finally there wants to be hearth. And for fireplace, you have to have something flammable, and anything shocking. Forty countless numbers volts light up a spark plug, even underwater. The gas is supplied by what appears to be compressed air and acetylene but we’re not 100% guaranteed. We are guaranteed that it goes bang! fairly adequately, as shown by its aptitude for blowing things up.

We appreciated the engineering that went into the task but also the rapid iterations of concepts, the beating of significant road blocks and the precise science that went into the challenge. Even if it is just randomly generating literal burning rings of fireplace. out?v=rOCKjaYaYhg