Morphing Keyboard Gets You Dialed In Just Right

Morphing Keyboard Gets You Dialed In Just Right

So you are fatigued of rectangular, brick wall-staggered keyboards and want to go split and/or ergo. But how? Which type? What do? Here’s what you do: you build one of these listed here LHM Morph boards and customise the crap out of it, due to the fact that’s what it’s for.

So what is this issue, anyway? Is it a even a keyboard? Perfectly, as extended as you can push switches and mail crucial commands to a laptop, it certainly smells like a keyboard to us. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, what’s heading on listed here is that [LifeHackerMax] has created a very-customizable variation of the LHM, their 26-important split. The LHM Morph can be fine-tuned to nearly any degree conceivable, which includes the tenting angle. The keys are grouped in modules that can slide again and forth to suit your various finger lengths. As they are half-spherical, these modules can also be tilted and rotated until finally they are just suitable.

But the super amazing factor about the LHM Morph is the way it goes collectively — like LEGO. It’s completely modular, and you really do not even have to go split if you’re not prepared for that. But all the pieces join by using rods built of copper wire. If you’d like to make 1 for you, the 3D information are up on Thingiverse, and the firmware is on GitHub. Be positive to look at out the video clip soon after the split.

Does this keyboard remind you of nearly anything? [Peter Lyons]’ Squeezebox, possibly?

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