OnePlus Foldable Teaser Seems Misleading?

OnePlus Foldable Teaser Seems Misleading?

Previously this 7 days, we officially learned that OnePlus is building a foldable. Now, we’re receiving a quite transient glimpse at what it may well glimpse like. At minimum, that is what we imagine this is?

Technically, we can see rarely nearly anything, but if this online video is demonstrating what we believe it is showing, it seems that the hinge process on this device is actually clean hunting. In actuality, we just can’t see any breaks in the bend of the body, so if we’re staying straightforward, we have no clue what we’re wanting at. Until OnePlus has uncovered some type of bendable steel to use? Not likely.

Here’s a brightened variation of the picture above, just to make it crystal clear that it seems like a piece of bent metal.

This could just be a tease for the idea of a foldable and not a seem at the actual unit alone. Dependent on what we’re looking at right here, that would seem additional probably, but all over again, OP could be reinventing what foldables can glimpse like and how they mechanically operate, which I suppose would be very sweet.

All we know is that it’s heading to be a long and drawn out tease approach for this machine. It’s OnePlus, so that much is certain.