Oops! All Analog Sticks | Hackaday

Being aware of his pal is a very first-individual shooter enthusiast, [Solderking] arrived up with a one of a kind modified XBox controller as a gift. Tongue in cheek, you could argue that this controller is absolutely analog, as all of the buttons have been eliminated and changed with analog sticks — each individual stick emulating 4 different buttons with its four unique directions.

For this mod, he picked a controller recognised to have button connections available on testpoints. The controller’s buttons are digital inputs, but a bit of extra resistance wasn’t a challenge for the IC in demand. Obtaining tested that to be more guaranteed, he begun the rebuilding function. As any self-respecting 1-off mod, the bulk of this undertaking associated JB Weld, stage-to-place soldering of wires and using a Dremel to the shell. That explained, this task pays awareness to depth, with parts of potentiometer keep track of product carefully scraped off so that speak to could not be designed in middle placement, and 3D printed spacers holding the appears to be like within the “gift-worthy” boundary.

Following finishing the controller, [Solderking] tested it to validate that it was completely atrocious to use, and breathed a sigh of reduction, with still an additional mod properly done. We’ve previously lined a few of his other pleasurable efforts, like this Pokemon Ruby Nintendo cartridge restoration project in which some fragile soldering was identified as for, or this broken mouse turned 12-essential macropad.