OpenDendrometer Can Measure How Your Tree Feels

There are numerous methods to evaluate plant well being, and we have seen many initiatives producing open up-resource methods. 1 we haven’t witnessed is a dendrometer, which entails measuring several bodily proportions of trees to monitor their health and progress. [John Opsahl] is changing this with the OpenDendrometer, a instrument for tracking the diameter of tree limbs and fruit.

Small modifications in diameter choose put in the course of the working day, and monitoring these adjustments enables deviations to be detected, which can be a signal of h2o stress. About weeks and months, these measurements can be employed to evaluate growth and fruits’ progress to harvest. [John] discovered that a digital tire tread depth gauge can function properly for this software. Several of these gauges use the exact electronics as the affordable electronic calipers, for which the serial protocol was reverse engineered extra than a ten years in the past. The OpenDendrometer connects the tire depth gauge to a microcontroller through a 1.5V stage shifter, which logs measurements to an SD card whilst employing a DS3231 RTC for correct timestamps. The RTC can also be used to wake up the circuit at the required intervals to help you save battery ability. For the preliminary proof of notion [John] is applying an Arduino Professional Mini, but options to go to an ESP32 at a later phase to make it possible for wireless data transmission.

Every thing will be housed in a 3D printed enclosure with a foam twine gasket to make the device temperature resistant. A mounting rod on the outdoors of the enclosure with adjustable thumbscrews will allow the OpenDendrometer to be connected to any part of the tree. We strategy to preserve an eye on this project and glance forward to seeing the data it makes.

For the other techniques of measuring plant overall health, we’ve coated every little thing from soil dampness to Normalized Difference Vegetation Index and even plant pounds and even pot plant bodyweight.