OpenJewelry, No Pliers Required | Hackaday

They say that if you want anything performed suitable, you gotta do it yourself. Frequently, that goes double for acquiring a thing performed at all. Whereas some persons could simply just lament the lack of a (steady) Thingiverse-kind web-site for, say, jewellery designs, those people persons are not Hackaday’s have [Adam Zeloof]. With nowhere to share layouts amid engineering-oriented buddies, [Adam] took the initiative and established OpenJewelry, a web page for posting open up-supply jewellery and wearable artwork patterns as nicely as information about tactics, materials, and procedures.

[Adam] has seeded the web-site with a handful of his personal gorgeous patterns, which run the gamut from regular silversmithing tactics to 3D printing to fancy PCBs with working blinkenlights. You actually should look at it out, and definitely contemplate contributing.

Even if you really do not have any jewelry patterns to share, the code is open as well, or you could even edit the wiki. Just be confident to read through by way of the contribution rules initially. If you never have the time for any of that, donations are welcome as very well to assistance maintain the web page.

We enjoy wearable art all around below, in particular when it serves another reason like this UV-sensing talisman, or this air high-quality necklace.