Printable Case For Pinecil And TS100 Soldering Irons (Mis)Uses A 608 Bearing

Printable Case For Pinecil And TS100 Soldering Irons (Mis)Uses A 608 Bearing

[PjotrStrog]’s rugged Pinecil / TS100 storage scenario is the fantastic printable accessory to go with a hacker’s decision of either the Pine64 Pinecil, or the Miniware TS100 soldering irons. There are some thoughtful characteristics over and above just storing the iron, much too!

A conventional 608 bearing makes for a helpful heat-resistant stand.

Some of you could have spotted a 608 bearing in the picture over, and may be thinking what it is for. In very pleased hacker tradition of employing points for a thing other than their supposed objective, the bearing will make a heat-resistant stand to hold the iron while in use.

This style and design has a pretty deep background that illustrates the worth of sharing one’s types and allowing for other folks to remix and refine tips. [PjotrStrog]’s work tends to make use of the earlier and remarkably considerate TS100, Pinecil, TS80 & TS80p conditions with possibilities by [Termiman], which themselves are centered on bearing-outfitted TS100 scenario by [Olvin] that we included back in 2020.

We liked the Pine64 Pinecil soldering iron, and this seems like a great printable storage and have alternative. There are a couple pieces of components essential to put the rugged version alongside one another, but [PjotrStrog] also provides a considerably less rugged style with fewer components needs, so check that out as well.