Probing CAN Bus For EV Battery Info

The widespread adoption of the CAN bus (and OBD-II) in cars was mainly a way of standardizing the routine maintenance of significantly difficult engines and their requires to satisfy present day emissions requirements. Although that could possibly seem a very little dry on the area, the existence and standardization of this communications bus in basically all passenger automobiles for a few many years has led to some intriguing side effects, like it is utilization in this project to screen some further details about an electrical car’s battery.

There is not a ton of info about it, but it is a great proof-of-concept of some of the matters CAN opens up in motor vehicles. The establish is based on a Citroën C-Zero (which is fundamentally just a re-badged Mitsubishi i-MiEV) and takes advantage of the information and facts on the CAN bus to display screen certain data about the point out of charge of the battery that isn’t in any other case proven on the car’s shows. It also features a develop of a new secondary show specifically for this function, and the construct is sleek ample that it appears like a common aspect of the car.

Though there are definitely other (potentially simpler) strategies of interfacing with a CAN bus, this a single uses off-the-shelf electronics like Arduino-appropriate microcontrollers, is completely put in, and has a tailor made case that we genuinely like. If you are just starting off to sniff all-around your own vehicle’s CAN bus, there are some exceptional instruments obtainable to examine out.

Thanks to [James] for the suggestion!