Testing Antennas With WSPR | Hackaday

There are quite a few strategies to test HF antennas ranging from simulation to several antenna analyzers and bridges. Nonetheless, almost nothing can replace just utilizing the antenna to see how it will work. Just as — supposedly — the bumblebee simply cannot fly, but it does so in any case, it is possible to load up some mattress springs and make contacts. But it made use of to be tough — though entertaining — to collect a ton of empirical details about antenna functionality. Now you can do it all with WSPR and [TechMinds] implies a reasonably-priced focused WSPR transmitter to do the task. You can see a movie about the outcomes of this technique beneath.

When WSPR is typically cited as getting the entertaining out of ham radio, it is excellent for this software. Connect the transmitter and a handful of several hours later, stop by a world-wide-web web site and obtain out exactly where you’ve been heard by an aim observer. If you experienced a couple of these, you could even examine quite a few antennas at very similar moments and situations.

The transmitter has its have GPS so it doesn’t have to have significantly configuration. You do will need to established the frequencies you want to use and — presumably — the SWR at these frequencies of your antenna will be suitable. Of program, you also want to established your callsign and transmission plan. You can manually established the location code if you really don’t want to get a GPS environment.

After established up, you don’t require the computer related. After some time, you can just go to the WSPR.org web site and watch who has been equipped to listen to the little low-electric power transmitter.

Of course, you really don’t will need a committed beacon do pull this off. Use your standard radio or place with each other your own beacon. If you want a refresher on WSPR, [Dan Maloney’s] $50 Ham has you included.