The Tale Of The Final EVGA GPU Overclocking Record

The Tale Of The Final EVGA GPU Overclocking Record

It’s not news that EVGA is acquiring out of the GPU card game, soon after a ‘little falling out’ with Nvidia. It’s unhappy information nonetheless, as this enthusiastic band of hardware hackers has a reliable pursuing in sure overclocking and tailor made Computer circles. The Game titles Nexus gang determined to fly above to satisfy up with the EVGA group in Zhonghe, Taiwan, and adhere to them close to a bit as they tried using for a person final overclocking document on the most current (unreleased, GTX4090-dependent) GPU card. As you will observe early on in the video, points did not go efficiently, with their hand-lapped GPU burning out the PCB soon after a little setup error.

The pleasurable pieces of the online video show some guiding-the-scenes particulars of the EVGA GPU operation, like some sections of BGA reworking which are quite useful (but we’d like extra depth, many thanks!) displaying that even with only a handful of Advert102 Silicon offered and a number of prototype PCBs, even permitting out the magic smoke is not always the conclude of the show.

But why hand-lap the die? Apparently, the floor is pre-curved outwards, so that when it warms up beneath load, the die floor finishes up flat, generating the most effective get hold of with the thermal interface surface area of the cooler. But [biso biso] takes advantage of liquid nitrogen for their overclocking speed information, and that has the reverse impact, with the serious cooling (about -90 Celsius) causing the die to flex differently, and ‘crack’ the thermal paste, ruining the thermal speak to with the cooling media. Lapping the die back to flat, apparently lowers this problem.

On the rework aspect of points, (14:45 in the video clip) they required to eliminate the lapped GPU from the blown card making use of a conventional IR rework station. The technician waited for the second all the GPU balls were being molten, prior to speedily whipping absent the cigarette smoking chip with a vacuum pickup. Next, it was totally cleaned and brushed with flux although sitting on a preheater. After hand-tinning the pads, it’s all set for the re-balling jig, and specified a sprinkling of new balls, prior to a trip by the oven to deal with them in location. Finally, after ultrasonic cleansing, it was all set for testing on a socketed progress card. At the time a take a look at pass was realized, the GPU was mounted on to a suitably ready donor PCB, possible working with the same reflow station found before (but that was not shown,) it’s a very simple process, but a competent a single that the maintenance workforce does all the time, earning it glance easy. We’d guaranteed crack a sweat trying to do this!

Imagine all this Personal computer overclocking, just for a limited-lived document is fairly pointless? How about an overclocked TI-84 instead?

And, an earlier video with a tour of the EVGA store:

Many thanks to [Simon] for the idea!