The Times They Are A-Chaining

If [Bob Dylan] experienced found [Pgeschwi]’s bicycle chain clock, it could possibly have affected the popular music. The clock uses a stepper motor and a bicycle chain to create a clock that has a decidedly steampunk vibe. Despite the minimal-tech seem, the construct uses 3D printing and, of system, a bicycle chain.

A full watch of the bike chain clock.

The clock doesn’t just demonstrate the time. There is a contraption to display the day of the 7 days, and a pendulum reveals the existing section of the moon. The obvious wiring is all old-faculty brass wire on the wooden foundation. [Pgeschwi] is looking at transforming out all the 3D printed parts for brass types, so this may perhaps be just an early prototype of the closing solution, but it nevertheless seems to be fantastic.

The style utilized popular instruments, together with Tinkercad and an online equipment generation instrument. There are a lot of specifics you would not suspect until finally you tried out to establish some thing like this on your own. For instance, creating the chain reliably go in each instructions demanded a timing belt to synchronize the top gears. Having the numbers on the chain to move by the gears.

It is difficult to notify from the image, but there’s an LED under the 10-minute marks that shows the unit’s digits of the time. There are no markings for it still,  but in the picture, the time is truly 4:09.

We like uncommon clocks, and we see plenty of them. From Fibonacci clocks to magnetic discipline line clocks, we love them all.