Tiny Thin Client Is Small But Compatible

Tiny Thin Client Is Small But Compatible

We have been amazed with [moononournation’s] very small slim shopper job. It statements to use an Arduino, but as you may well guess it is applying the Arduino computer software together with a network-enabled microcontroller like an ESP32. The extraordinary portion is that it is specifications-compliant and implements VNC’s RFB protocol.

The initial coding for RFB on Arduino is from [Links2004] and armed with that, the slender shopper is in all probability a lot easier to create than you would guess. Even so, this job needed to use a more substantial monitor and discovered that it led to sure challenges. In unique, the primary code experienced a 320×240 screen. This task was to use an 800×480 display screen, but with the restrictions on the ESP32, the frame fee achievable would be underneath 7 frames for each 2nd. The response was to combine a 16-bit parallel interface with far better compression again to the VNC server.

The little keyboard is likely not incredibly simple, but it is compact. That would be a different easy thing to modify. At present, the keyboard works by using I2C, but it would be easy to change factors up. This would be a worthy foundation to create a larger job on best. A 3D printed enclosure would be pleasant, as well.

We have observed a range of assignments designed all over commercial slim customers. Some from defunct corporations are good resources for obscure areas, also.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=pTQ0KxgDNCE