Trippy Bicycle Uses Multiple Partial Wheels

Bicycles need to have at the very least two wheels to be rideable, but [The Q] recognized you never necessarily require the wheels to be in one piece. As extensive as you have at minimum two details of rolling get in touch with with the ground, you can spread the load throughout many partial wheels. He demonstrated this by splitting the rear wheel of his bike initially in 50 percent and then thirds to produce an absolute head turner.

Given that a traditional bicycle wheel with tensioned spokes would collapse if slice apart, [The Q] used single-piece aluminum wheels in its place. The tires were being lower into items, and the interior tubes were changed with sections of thick-walled HDPE pipe that will not collapse below the fat of a human. The tires and the HDPE “inner tubes” have been riveted to the wheels.

To mount the extra wheels on the body, [The Q] welded a established of extensions to the back with mounting details for the partial wheels. To keep them synced, timing is accomplished with chains jogging on sprockets welded to the disc brakes. In the 2nd video clip, he attempts to also split the front wheels, but observed the entrance forks can not manage the torque and would flex dangerously when the get in touch with issue is as well significantly ahead. In its place, he settled for 3 wheels on the again.

A great deal like his hubless bicycle, it’s not designed to be greater than a common bicycle, but is exceptional for attracting consideration. While at the very least in some predicaments, the all-wheel push bike he created last 12 months may well come in handy. at?v=PX3A7GLtFqM out?v=Gc9iwBxPI_I