Turning The Back Of Your Phone Into A Touchpad

Smartphones use massive touchscreens on the entrance as a practical tactile interface. However, our palms naturally wrap all around the back of the telephone, too. This spot is underutilized as an interface, but the designers of BackTrack identified a way to alter that.

Touches on the 2D rear matrix are translated into a pair of touches on the linear line of pads on the front display screen. This can then be reconstructed into the contact area on the rear touchpad.

The notion is uncomplicated. The project online video notes that  conductive tape can be positioned on a multitouch touchscreen, allowing touches to be read at a distant site. Getting this thought more, BackTrack is effective by making a 2D matrix on the again of the cellphone, and connecting this matrix to a series of pads in a row on the front touchscreen. Then, touches on the back again touchpad can be examine by the existing touchscreen on the entrance display.

Performing this in exercise calls for the use of fancy clear electrodes and adaptable connections. On the other hand, the staff driving Backtrack had been able to develop their passive rear touchpad in a formfactor that matches into a easy cell phone circumstance. It can then be employed to perform game titles or use interface with the phone in other strategies.

We absolutely count on telephone companies to start generating interfaces that use the back floor of the mobile phone. Apple have previously explored this with the almost never-mentioned again-tapping aspect. Implementing a whole 2D touchpad on the rear could rapidly come to be a good stage of distinction for the initial handset manufacturer to get it proper. Video clip just after the split.


[Thanks to Itay for the tip!]