Wipe On, Wipe Off: Make Your Own Rain Repellent

Wipe On, Wipe Off: Make Your Own Rain Repellent

Once on a time, we drove an outdated 6-volt VW Beetle. One sad day, the wiper motor went out, and as this transpired before the Net heyday, there have been no commonly-out there pieces all over that we were conscious of. Just after briefly considering rubbing a potato on the windshield as prescribed by the previous wives’ tale, we have been very grateful for the creation of Rain-X — a drinking water-repelling chemical treatment method for auto windshields.

Boy would we have loved to know how to make it ourselves from easily-obtainable chemical compounds. As you will see in the video down below, it doesn’t acquire substantially more than dimethicone, sulfuric acid, and a cocktail of alcohols. [Terry] begins with dimethicone, which he activates with a healthier dose of concentrated sulfuric acid, done beneath the security of an exhaust hood. Immediately after about 20 minutes on the stir blend-a-ton plate, [Terry] extra ethanol and isopropyl alcohols. Ultimately, it was off to the garage with the mixture in a spray bottle.

Soon after meticulously cleansing the windshield, [Terry] used the option in tiny spots and rubbed it in with a towel to produce a thin bond concerning it and the glass. This makes a beautifully normal haze, which can be eliminated just after a bit with a clean towel.

If you just adore listening to your windshield wipers, at least make them move to a conquer.

Thanks for the suggestion, [askcheese]!